Will Marry You Beginner Line Dance Stepsheet Ingrind Kan

Will Marry You Beginner Line Dance Stepsheet

Count : 32
Wall : 4
Level : High Beginner
Choreographer: Ingrind Kan (2011)
Music: Marry You by Bruno Mars

Count In: 16 counts

1-8 Big Side Step R, stompL ,RHeel, step R, Big Side StepL, StompR,L Heel , step L
1-2 Take big step to right side,Stomp left next to right
3-4 Heel down right forward. Step right beside left.
5-6 Take big step to leftside ,Stomp right next to left  
7-8 Heelleft forward. Step left beside right.

9-16 Weave crossing R over , L side ,R behind , L sweepbehindcross R,L step, R side, L forwardweight on R
1-4Cross right over left, step left to left side, cross right behind left, left sweepback
5-8Cross leftbehind right, stepright toright side, cross left overright, right side step

17-24 L touch back, Turn to L 1/2 , L fwd, R Step turn1/4L pivot, Rfwd shuffle, Sway(option Rock Recover)
1-2Touch L back, turning ½ L(weight on L)
3-4step R forward, pivot 1/4Left(weight on L)
5&6Step R forward, step L together, step R forward
7-8Sway L-R ( weight on R)

25-32 Jazz Box,R side rock, , Recover L, behind R, L Side Step
1-4 StepL across R,Step R back, Step L to L side, TouchRnext to L.  
5, 6, 7 Rock right to right side (5), recover weight onto left (6), cross right behind left (7)
8    Step left to left side

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