Teacher Jim and Monica's Birthday Celebration 2012

Teacher Jim and myself would like to thank everyone that joined us in our joint birthday celebration.

What better way to celebrate the most important day in a person's life than watching great performances from friends and to having your friends and loved ones dance the night away!  Thank you all!  We really enjoyed it!

Special thanks to Chef Ryan (official Chef of the 2008 China Olympics), Nancy, Len and Lally for the dessert table.  Also thanks to Nancy for the decorations and the centerpieces.


Teacher Jim's Pic Slideshow

Note:  Original Slideshow was blocked by You Tube, so I had to remove the music and upload again.


New York, New York by Tustin Twinkle Toes

Dr. Angelina De Vera's Impromptu Rumba Dance

But I am a Good Girl by the Divas

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