Eagle Eye Beginner Line Dance Stepsheet and Demo Video

Eagle Eye Beginner Line Dance Stepsheet

Count : 16
Wall : 4
Level : Absolute Beginner
Choreographer : Lorna Mursell (Scotland) July 2012
Music : Lyin' Eyes by The Eagles
Sec 1) Grapevine Right Touch, Grapevine Left 1/4 Turn Scuff.
1-2Step Right To Right Side, Step Left Behind Right.
3-4Step Right To Right Side, Touch Left Beside Right.
5-6Step Left To Left Side, Step Right Behind Left.
7-8Make 1/4 Turn Left Stepping Onto Left, Scuff Right Beside Left.

Sec 2) Rocking Chair, Jazz Box Cross.
1-2Rock Forward On Right, Recover Onto Left.
3-4Rock Back On Right, Recover Onto Left.
5-6Cross Right In Front Of Left, Step Back On Left.
7-8Step Right Beside Left, Cross Left In Front Of Right.

Eagle Eye Beginner Line Dance Demo by Vogue Dance Club Dancers

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