Monica's Birthday Celebration 2013

Wow!  It was my best birthday celebration ever!

Thank you, thank you to everyone that joined me in celebrating my birthday.  I am so blessed to belong to a dancing family that are not only very supportive and generous but also knows how to really have fun!  All my guests are saying I have good friends and that the party was so much fun.

Thank you for all the gifts.  Just to have your presence that night is already a gift in itself.  All I wanted was to dance the night away with friends.  I can't say Thank you enough.

Special thanks to the people below:

1.  Teacher Jim and Marilou - for securing the bigger ballroom and for all the drinks
2.  Nopporn - for the lechon
3.  Art - for cutting the lechon and for all the wine
4.  Len - for all the decoration, the pancit and the salad
5.  Chef Ryan - for my special birthday cake
6.  Elvie and Belen - for the fruits
7.  Fatima - for the dessert
8.  Benjie and Teresita - for the egg roll
9.  Ed - for leading the performance and for working as part time Emcee.
10.  Morry and Mercy - for the prayer
11.  Nancy - for the lovely flower arrangement we have on the DJ Booth
12.  All the performers - for spending extra time to learn and perform the dance
13.  Everyone who helped decorate and setup the ballroom and those who stayed to help clean up afterwards.  You are my heroes!

Thank you very much!


Performance Videos

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