Step Back in Time Beginner Line Dance Stepsheet and Demo Video by Vogue Dance Club Dancers

Step Back in Time Beginner Line Dance Stepsheet

Count : 32
Wall : 2
Level : Beginner
Choreographer : Julie Lockton (Benidorm, Spain) Aug 2012
Music : ”Step Back in Time” – Kylie Minogue. Album: Rhythm Of Love (Mushroom Records – 1990) 3m10s
28 Sec count in (NO tags or Re-starts)

Right Rock, Recover, Behind-Side-Infront, Left Rock, Recover, Left ¼ Sailor Step
1,2,3&4Rock Right to Right Side, Recover onto Left, Step Right behind Left, Step Left to left side, step right across left
5-6Rock onto Left, Recover onto Right
7&8Step Left to Left side making a ¼ turn to 9 o/c, step right to right side, step left to left side

Step Right, Hold, Step Left, Right Left, Chasse, Rock Back Recover
1-2Step Right to Right Side, Hold
&3,4Step Left to Right, Step Right to Right Side, Touch Left to Right
5&6Chasse to left (left, right,left)
7-8Rock back on the right, recover onto left

½ Turn Monterey, Rock Recover, Coaster Step
1,2,3,4Right Point to Right Side, Bring Right back in to left turning ½ to 3 o/c, point left to left side, step left back to right
5-6Rock forward on the right, rock back onto left
7&8Step back on right, step on left, step forward on right

Left Rock, Cross, Right Rock, Cross, Side Step Left, Step ¼ Turn, Shuffle Forward
1&2Rock onto left, step back onto right, cross left over right
3&4Rock onto right, step back onto left, cross right over left
5,6,7&8Step left to left side, step right ¼ turn to 6 o/c, shuffle forward left, right, left

Step Back in Time Beginner Line Dance Demo

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