Monica's Birthday Celebration 2014

Thank you for another fabulous birthday celebration!

Special thanks to the following for making my birthday celebration extra special!

1.  Ed and the VDC Gwapings - Art, Morry, Frank, Ron and Jun for their very special performance
2.  Teacher Jim and Marilou
3.  Len and Sherman for the salad and room decoration, etc.
4.  the following for the lovely and delicious birthday cake! and most of them for devoting time outside of the regular class to learn the dances I want to perform.
Ed, Dita, Beth, Mabel, Melanie, Art, and Belen, Frank and Helen, Vilma and Vince, Elvie, Moonie and Mary, Ron and Fatima, Jun and Letlet, Morrie and Mercy and Cindy!
5.  Teresita and Benjie for the pancit and bread cake and for always being so thoughtful
6.  Nancy for the table and chair covers and Chef Ryan for the dessert
7.  all the VDC superstar dancers! and their families for all their unwavering support to VDC.
8.  Ed for hosting, Morry and Mercy for the prayer and taking pictures
9.  Mitzie, Jeremy and Jerry, Tita Dory,  Mommy Ming and Daddy Roger Dragon
10. Dr. Angelina de Vera and Darvin
11. my son Kevin, who drove all the way from UCSB to join me on my birthday celebration
12. my husband! for everything he is and everything he does for me


VDC Dancers performing I hope you find it Line Dance

the Divas performing Put your hands on me Line Dance

VDC Gwapings performing Treasure 


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