Mini Mambo Beginner Line Demo and Stepsheet

Mini Mambo Line Dance Stepsheet

16 Count 4 Wall Beginner Line Dance
Choreographer: Tina Argyle & Pat Stott (June 2014)
Music: Guaglione by Perez Prado y Su Orquesta - The Best of Perez Prado: the original Mambo #5

Commence after 16 counts (11 seconds)

Mambo forward, mambo back, side, rock, cross, step, cross, step, cross

1&2 Rock forward on right foot, recover on left, right back
3&4 Rock back on left, recover on right, left forward
5& Rock right to right, recover on left
6&7&8 Cross right over left, left to left, cross right over left, left to left, cross right over left

Rock to left, recover with 1/4 turn right, step forward on left, walk, walk, out, out, in, in, raise & lower heels
1&2 Rock left to left, turn 1/4 right & transfer weight to right, left fwd
3-4 Walk forward - right, left (or full turn left)
5-6 Step out right, step out left
&7 Step in right, step in left
&8 Raise and lower both heels

At the end of the music finish on step 5 of section 2 with a "stomp"

Mini Mambo Line Dance Demo Video


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