a Very Vogue Christmas 4 - Dec. 2014

A huge thanks to all of you who joined us on our 4th Christmas Party!  It is always a pleasure to see familiar faces among our guests.  Special thanks to the following guest who always attends our events!

  • Mr. Tony Panganiban and the Batangas USA Group
  • IT / Programmers - Andrew, Edith Fu, Danny and Tuan
  • Ms. Grace Veluz & Friends
  • Elvie Parchamento's Family
  • Nancy & Dennis Trinidad & Family - Rick Sanchez, Hailey Hendry, Caroline Vizcarra
  • Cindy and the Glamour Girls
  • Jenny & the St. Columban Performing Group
  • the Divas (Esper, Lally & My)
We never could have done this without the support of our Star Dancers and their families.  A huge thanks to all of our Star Dancers for selling the tickets, inviting their friends and families to join and for all their performance and for their Raffle prizes donations.  Also thanks to those few who couldn't make it but paid for their tickets anyway.

Special thanks to :
  • Elvie who is in charge of the 50-50 tickets
  • Morry, as the emcee and prayer leader
  • Nancy for all the decorations of the night
Thank you, thank you, thank you!  We will be here to serve as long as you are here with us.


Click here for the full album


All Bass No Treble Line Dance by Guests

Bollywood Performance by St. Columban Group

His Only Need Line Dance performed by VDC Star Dancers


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