About Vogue Dance Club

The Vogue Dance Club Officers come from a diverse background; a businessman, a nurse, a Computer Tech and web designer who are all passionate about dancing, whether it be Ballroom or Line Dancing. With this passion is a desire to help people learn and enjoy dancing as much as they do. It is with this desire that the club was created, to meet once a week and cater to guests who would like to learn the dance steps or just to enjoy the art of dancing in a fun and friendly environment.

Through this website, the Vogue Dance Club intends to inform the members and guests about the schedule and upcoming events of the club.

Whether you are an individual interested in learning a few basic steps, or a couple that would like to learn together, you will find that attending the regular events of the Vogue Dance Club, will not only teach you how to dance, but build your confidence as well so that on your next party, you will be able to enjoy dancing along with the other guests.

Need more information about our Events? Send us email us at voguedanceclub@gmail.com

The Vogue Dance Club Officers - Jimmy, Monica, Marilou and Teacher Jim (from L to R)

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